Home schooling

Mar 23, 2020 | Support

If you have already made the decision to keep your children home from school, you maybe daunted by the thought of continuing their learning opportunities. It can be stressful enough being in isolation without having to deal with teaching your children as well. At this difficult time, it is important to remember that:

  • You are not home-schooling- this is an emergency situation that is impacting on daily life across the world. No one is expecting you to become a teacher overnight or to know how to follow formal lesson plans.
  • You are and have always been your child’s number one educator. You know your child best, including their learning style, their interests and their strengths. You have taught them many important life lessons, and this is the perfect opportunity to continue with this learning.
  • Many of you will also be working from home. You are not expected to be superheroes so put away the cape. This is a time of survival and you should not feel guilty about not being able to do it all.

Important learning opportunities are all around you if you know where to look. Some activities I would recommend doing with your children whilst in isolation include:

Reading every day– this could be as simple as reading a recipe, a favourite comic book, the sports page in the paper or reading a chapter book together. Audio books are also great for content.

Free writing– they can keep a diary, write a shopping list, create a comic book, develop their own video game or a good old-fashioned snail mail letter or email to friends and family.

Opportunities for maths lesson– are everywhere in your home. Cooking, Lego, fort building, pantry organisation, playing outside, maths games or even sorting socks can all be beneficial.

Daily physical activity– is important and can include trampolines, yoga, bike riding, indoor obstacle courses, pillow fights, jumping on the beds, dancing or taking the dog for a walk.

Art and music– put on your favourite song and sing out loud, learn a new dance, take up an instrument. Sit out in the sun and sketch a picture of your favourite tree, the dog or an imaginary world. The list is endless.

Remember you are doing enough by loving and supporting your children through this difficult time. Take the opportunity to stop and smell the roses.

Written By Megan Cuttriss