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Bridges for Learning has been approved as a provider under the department of educations.

Specialised Allied Health Services – Prequalification Scheme – DoE1695694444. Please contact us for additional information.

How can we help?

We can effectively assist your school to support children with additional needs and disabilities in reaching their full potential. We offer consultancy, individual supports for children or professional development services that will complement your school learning goals and strategic plan. Our team will coordinate tailored professional development, work collaboratively with your teachers to build capacity and support your leadership team to review and develop your school’s inclusive practices. Additionally we can provide intervention supports for both individual children or for groups.

Supporting children with additional needs and disabilities in your school

We recognise through experience that it can be difficult for children at school to receive their therapy supports and that schools have demands on their time and learning requirements to fulfil. For this reason we are committed to using a collaborative approach to support school children by working together with each family, child and school to support shared goals. Our team is flexible and we aim to be responsive to each school and child’s needs.

Support in schools for individual children can happen in several ways:

  • Schools can approach us to work with groups of children through their own funding
  • Families can approach us to support their child at school. Before we agree to undertake this service we encourage families to find out how their school wants this to happen and what the school goals are for their child.
  • Schools can encourage families to use their child’s funding opportunities to support their child at school through consultation, joint planning, coaching, training and capacity building e.g. if a child is using a communication system the school could ask for coaching for all staff who engage with your child.

We are able to support your students in the following areas:

  • speech and language
  • attention and behaviour
  • playground skills
  • social skills
  • sensory processing
  • anxiety management.

Targeted school groups

We can coordinate specialise groups to further support children who have additional needs or disabilities at your school. Groups can be run during school term or school holidays and are individualised to meet each child’s needs. Groups could include: language and literacy groups, Minecraft social skills, girls friendship groups or anxiety groups.

Parent workshops

It is well documented that having a child with additional needs or a disability creates significant stress on the family. We believe that supporting parents to develop skills to understand and advocate for their child is the most effective way to improve outcomes for the child. Our team are able to tailor and coordinate workshops for your parents to attend. Topic could include understanding sensory need, positive behaviour support, identifying anxiety and NDIS meeting preparation.

Leadership and management consultation

Our team has extensive consultation experience alongside their experience in education and disability. They are passionate about inclusion for all. We can work with your leadership and management team to evaluate and improve your inclusion practices to ensure inclusive practices are maintained throughout the school. Our consultancy services can complement your strategic plan to identify barriers to learning are identified and develop an implementation plan to overcome these.

Professional development for your staff

Professional learning is a fantastic way to build a team’s knowledge, skills and confidence around inclusion. We could assist with

  • 1:1 teacher coaching, mentoring and team teaching
  • Staff meeting and development days

Resources for your school

We can create and supply resources to suit your school classroom and playground needs.

For more information about how we can help you or your staff, please contact us.

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