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Our therapists are highly experienced and have a specialised knowledge and interest in paediatrics. Their areas of expertise are in early childhood development, school readiness, primary school integration and high school integration.

Our therapists and teachers are available to see children and families in individual sessions. We see children from birth up to 15 years of age.

We offer:

  • Standardised assessments
  • Individual sessions and reports
  • Home programs
  • Consultation with schools
  • Communication aides
  • Training in the use of special equipment

Our therapy services include:


Speech Therapy

Why might a child need Speech Therapy?

The objective of speech therapy is to help children who have difficulty with communication (both expressing themselves or understanding others), language (how sounds are produced or stuttering) and with feeding.

  • Delay in speech development
  • Difficulty articulating certain sounds
  • Recovery after surgeries which affect speech
  • Language difficulties
  • Oral motor difficulties
  • Behaviour challenges due to communication difficulties
  • Difficulties with eating and drinking (swallowing)

Speech Therapy can help children:

  • By assessing and identifying speech or language needs in children
  • Progress with their speech or language skills
  • Interact more with their family and friends
  • Communicate their needs and wants
  • Transition into new situations or new schools
  • Enjoy learning
  • Safely eat and drink

Contact Us to organise an appointment with one of our Speech Pathologists.

Occupational Therapy

Why might a child need Occupational Therapy?

The goal of occupational therapy is to help children become more independent in everyday tasks. Occupational therapy can enable children to do the activities they want or need to do and it can serve to assist each child’s engagement in these roles.

  • By assessing and identifying their occupational needs
  • Progress with fine motor skills, such as gripping a spoon or using a pencil
  • Progress with sensory integration, such as becoming less sensitive and more resilient to certain noises, textures, or visual cues.
  • Develop fine and gross motor coordination together, such as dressing, toileting, and playing.
  • Develop better visual motor integration, such as keeping their balance, sitting and posture.
  • Increase their ability to use muscles to learn new tasks

Contact Us to organise an appointment with one of our Speech Pathologists.



Why might a child need Physiotherapy?

Children’s physiotherapists have an expert understanding of child development and how this relates to neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory health. They assess each child individually and develop programs with a child and family-centred approach.

  • When they have difficulty or delay in normal activities, such as crawling, standing or walking.
  • When they have difficulty with normal movement, such as running, catching, or jumping.
  • When they have muscle weakness or problems with muscle tone.

Physiotherapy can help children:

  • Improve their motor control and strength.
  • Progress with their gross motor skills.
  • Develop coordination and balance to help movement and posture.
  • Use the appropriate equipment to assist them to move more independently

Contact Us to organise an appointment with our Physiotherapist.


Special Educator

Why might a child need a Special Educator?

  • To support the progression of your child’s development.
  • To support the progression of your child’s development.
  • To support  their transition to  pre-school or school.
  • Behaviour Management issues.
  • To help their school teacher integrate them into class activities with individualised strategies or adaptations for the classroom.
  • To support their parents or carers in preparing the child for school.

A Special Educator can help children:

  • Progress in their reading, writing and numeracy skills.
  • Progress in their reading, writing and numeracy skills.
  • Learn specific school skills, such as using scissors, cooperating with others, enjoying activities in a group.
  • Pay attention and follow directions.
  • By implementing behaviour management programs.

Contact Us to organise an appointment with one of our Educators.


Why might a child need a Psychologist?

The aim of psychology is to work with children who have difficulties with social and emotional issues. This may include anxiety, shyness or behavioural issues.

  • Child has a new diagnosis and parents need to know — what does this mean for us?
  • Child’s additional needs impact on other family members — physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and/or spiritually.
  • Family has complex challenges which impact the child.
  • Behaviour problems.

A Psychologist can help:

  • To assess and diagnose intellectual, behavioural, emotional, developmental and adaptive and/or social functioning in all children presenting to the program including the administration of instruments that particular relevance to the diagnosis of ASD.
  • To assess and identify parental stress and provide support to the family.
  • Develop tailored intervention programs to overcome identified difficulties.
  • Work with parents, other allied health professionals and teachers to provide them with strategies to assist their child function better in the home, school and other environments.

Contact Us to organise an appointment with our Psychologist.


Why might a child need tutoring?

Tutors provide children with personalised support to help them better understand academic concepts. They also work with the child and family to develop the child’s self-belief and self-esteem in relation to their learning.

  • If they are struggling at schoolIf they are struggling at school
  • They may be falling behind in a subject area and need some additional help
  • If they have individual needs or challenges that make learning difficult
  • They need assistance in exam preparation or study skills

Contact Us to organise an appointment with with a Tutor.

For more information, or if you have questions about our Therapy services, please contact us.

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