3 top tips for children worried about returning to school

Jan 27, 2022 | Communication, General, Learning, Support

Separation anxiety can be hard for those staring or returning to school after the holidays. So here are 3 simple tips to help your child feel connected to you as they adjust.

Matching Love Hearts

Draw matching little hearts on both yours and your childs wrist. Explain that if they are missing you during the day or just want to feel connected with you, they touch their little heart on their wrist. When they do this, they will feel their pulse, like a reassuring heartbeat. You can also let them know you will press your love heart if you are missing them. You can also add a spray of your perfume or aftershave to their wrist, as another little connection to you.

Having something to hold can be a concrete reminder of your child’s connection to you.

Worries in My Pocket?

Chat with your child about any worries they have about school. Together you can write their worries down on pieces of paper. Place the pieces of paper in your pocket and let you child know that you will be carrying their worries for the day. This way they don’t have to carry them alone.

This can often help to ease any fears they may have. It also provides a great opportunity to connect with your child and let them know you are there to support and connect with them.

Pebble in my Pocket

Having something to hold can be a concrete reminder of your child’s connection to you. Find two very similar pebbles or similar. Give one to your child to place in their pocket and you put the other in your pocket. Tell them that any time they feel a little nervous or are missing you they give their pebble a little squeeze.

If you are concerned about your child, the team at Bridges for Learning can offer you support. We wish you and your family all the best for the year ahead.

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