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Children often learn best when other children are around, particularly with very young children. They learn through ‘doing’, and watching others ‘do’.

All group sessions are conducted by a transdisciplinary paediatric team of Therapists and Teachers. An initial assessment is required and an interview is scheduled to plan with the parents the goals for their child.

Groups are formed according to age and developmental level. Individual sessions can be organised in conjunction with any group program.

Most children are given assistance in all areas of development to support any one or more specific areas of need. Group sessions are a valuable way of accessing support for your child from a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Early Childhood Special Educator, and other therapists as available. Group sessions are cost effective for the family and make it easy for the family to receive the therapies they need all at the same place.

Tailored Therapy

While we use groups to support development, the therapy that your child receives is still tailored especially for them. An individualised plan is created for each child that is specific to their own needs and goals. This is discussed with the parents & carers regularly to ensure that the child is making progress in the areas of priority.

Sometimes the therapists or the family may feel that the child needs to be removed from the group sessions for a particular reason to work on a goal. This is usually short term and discussed in family meetings with therapists.

For more information about our Group programs, please contact us.

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