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Early Intervention

Children are growing and developing on many levels and building the foundations for their life. Bridges For Learning offer a holistic approach that assesses their whole development, including fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech, cognitive skills, social and emotional development.

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Program

Often families come to the Centre because they have noticed one particular area that is behind that of other children of a similar age. Bridges for Learning’s initial assessment may reveal that the child would benefit from several therapies. This is because our therapists are trained to see the whole child, and how each area of development contributes to other areas of development.

Team Approach

Our Centre works with a ‘trans-disciplinary’ team approach, which simply means that the therapists and educators work closely together and with the family to provide a program for the child. It also means that everyone on the team coordinates and shares their skills and expertise to provide programs that are flexible and achievable.

Therapy through play

Providing therapy to children is different to adults. Children live in a world of play. That is their ‘job’ and they learn through play. Children need to explore and receive feedback from what is around them.

Our therapists are trained to provide therapy through games, colours, movement, and fun activities. Children enjoy active learning and it is important to incorporate the child’s interests into the program to make their learning more meaningful.

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