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Behaviour support have experience in supporting your, your child or young person when their behaviour is affecting their learning or opportunity to participate in community activities. 

Do you, your child or young person need help with…

  • Managing emotions?
  • Dealing with defiance or aggression?
  • Behaviour that seems excessive in response to the situation or problem?
  • Being constantly “on the go” and unable to focus on tasks to learn?
  • Managing anxiety?

How we can help

The Bridges for Learning Behavioural team have specialised experience to support the development of your child’s behaviour. We can help you, your child or young person to: 

  • Understand and manage their behaviour and emotions
  • Build skills and confidence in managing your child’s /young person’s behaviour in your family environment
  • Identify indicators that your child, young person’s behaviour is escalating

The above support can be included as part of your regular therapy services or as a standalone service.

Behaviour Support Plans

If your child or young person requires more intensive support we can develop and implement a Positive Behaviour Support Plan. Positive behaviour support means that we partner with the child, young person and their family, along with teachers, family members or professionals, so we can work together on how to best support managing your child or young person’s behaviour.

Our behaviour support specialists work with children, young people and their families to:

  • Identify and understand any concerning behaviours that may be impacting on their participation in everyday activities and routines
  • Develop an individualised plan that supports learning new skills and behaviours to make joining in with others less challenging.

If a restrictive practice is being considered as part of a child or young person’s support, the process for authorisation will follow Bridges for Learning’s Restrictive Practices Policy including submission to the Restrictive Practices Authorisation Panel.

For more information, or if you’d like to speak to one of our Behavioural experts, please get in touch.

To register, please contact us, email, or phone 02 4861 4054.

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