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School holidays are almost here so come and join us for our summer holiday groups. Each group has been developed by our dedicated team to provide your child with additional practise in the areas of language, literacy, social skills and more. These groups compliment your child’s sessions and are designed to engage your child through highly stimulating and FUN activities.

Literacy group pre K: The aim of these sessions will be to introduce language and literacy concepts to the children and increase their familiarity with these concepts prior to attending school. Having a program closer to the new school term also helps the children keep the ‘learning momentum’ going. Thes skills addressed will include: developing phonemic awareness, developing initial sound awareness, introduction to the concept of blending, introducing segmenting of sentences(breaking them down into to their words) and syllables (breaking bigger words into smaller parts) and literacy concepts (parts of a book; page, sentence, letter, sound, word, title, first, last etc.)

 Literacy Group K-2:  Will be focusing on interactive storytelling and reading using books. The group sessions will take an interactive approach involving a range of activities, movement and physical participation. Using the book as the topic the groups aim to encourage development of your child’s, phonological awareness skills, word attack skills, ability to identify patterns in texts and word recognition.

Some of the books will include: Going On A Bear Hunt, The Wrong Book, This Is A Ball and There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes

Games Club yr.3 -8: Will focus on the social aspects of winning and losing gracefully. Areas will address the appropriate ways of responding when playing competitively with peers.  A combination of game types will be used e.g. board games, physical games.

Sensory Play: An opportunity to explore different textures and make a mess! These will be messy sessions so make sure to wear old clothes and bring a towel and a spare set to change into.

Social Skills: These groups use children’s interests to develop their social skills. They will be provided with opportunities to be creative, to problem solve and to work collaboratively with their peers. This small group format will provide a naturalistic setting for social skills to develop whilst working on common goals and ideas with peers. Themes include Lego, cooking, art/craft and STEM.

To Book please call 48614054




 Step by Step Parent Group  

This week we welcomed back our wonderful Step by Step groups and their parents.

During term 3 our Step by Step children will continue to consolidate their language, social/emotional and motor skills while our parent group will be exploring how our brains work and how to use executive functioning capacities of the prefrontal cortex, to respond mindfully rather than acting impulsively. Throughout the following 10 weeks we will identify triggers, discuss responding rather than reacting and the influence of past experiences on our behaviour. We will also explore useful strategies      including mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy and social-emotional learning.

If you are interested in more information about our Step by Step parent groups or further information regarding our counselling  and parent support services contact Lindy Dowe at Bridges for Learning phone 4861 4054 or physio@bridgesforlearning.org.au

27/7/182019 holiday program




Ready for School Parent Group  

This week we welcome back all our Ready for School participants and their parents.

During term three our parent group will be exploring anxiety and it’s many presentations and management approaches. Throughout the following 10 weeks we will be covering common anxiety disorders and possible causes. We will discuss and learn relaxation skills, realistic thinking and problem solving skills and gradual exposure strategies.

We will also cover the possible benefits of social skills and assertive skills training. If you are interested in more information about our Ready for School parent groups or further information regarding our counselling and parent support services contact Lindy                                                              Dowe at Bridges for Learning phone 4861 4054 or physio@bridgesforlearning.org.au                        




You’re invited to our Annual General meeting.

Come along and hear about what Bridges for Learning has achieved over the past year.
Thursday 7th June
25 Thompson St Bowral
RSVP: 48614054 before 5th June for catering



3 Locations to choose from


Tahmoor Shopping Complex Shop 8

Cnr of Bronzewing Street and Rememberance Drive, Tahmoor.

We are next to Foodworks, opposite Tahmoor Medical Centre and adjacent to Tahmoor Public School.

We are available for appointments in Tahmoor on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Contact our main office in Bowral on (02) 4861 4054 to make a booking.

Moss Vale: 

Suite 4 The Queen Street Centre

Queen St Moss Vale

Contact our main office in Bowral on (02) 4861 4054 to make a booking.


25 Thompson St Bowral

Contact our main office in Bowral on (02) 4861 4054 to make a booking.



Counselling Support for Parents and families.

We know raising a child with a disability, chronic health condition, learning difficulty, or a child that simply requires more attention than the others can be hard on a family.

Children with special needs require more attention and time, and parents can sometimes focus so much on this child, that they forget how important it is to pay attention to each other as well as to other children. There may be feelings of being overwhelmed, anger, uncertainty and exhaustion.
Life gets really busy when there is a child with special needs and the demands on your time become great. Time for the relationship and time for yourself are the first things to go.

Parents of children with special needs live with many difficult issues and frequently experience trauma, loss, and stress. In spite of these many challenges, parents are also adaptive and resilient. At Bridges for Learning we believe that supporting parents and families, is as important as providing therapy and early intervention to your children. If you are interested in any further information about our counselling service for parents and families, please contact us on 48614054 or email Lindy Dowe on physio@bridgesforlearning.org.au


Christmas Closure 2017

We will be closed from the 21st December for the holidays. We will be reopening on the 8th January refreshed and eager to begin a new year with you and your family.


Does your child have an interest in science, technology, engineering or mathematics?

Do they need support to develop their social skills?

Our STEM social skills group uses children interests in STEM activities to develop their social skills. They will be provided with opportunities to be creative, to problem solve and to work collaboratively with their peers. This small group setting will provide a naturalistic setting for social skills to develop whilst working on common goals with peers.
The group is suitable for primary school aged children aged from 8-12 years.
Dates: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th October
Times: 9:30-10:30
Cost: $160  NDIS /HCWA/ Better Start funding can be used
Limted number of vacancies..
For more information please contact Megan Cuttriss  on contact us 



Is your child starting school in 2018?
Do you have concerns about their school readiness skills?

Bridges for learning is offering an intensive 8 week school readiness program to be run in term 4 2017. The small group format is designed to boost the skills required for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. The program is suitable for children attending school in 2018.
The program targets:
• Pre-literacy skills including:
 Letter knowledge
 Sound awareness
 Syllabification
 Print knowledge
• Fine motor skills including:
 Pencil skills and grip
 Scissor control
 Writing own name
• Functional listening and auditory processing skills
• Building concentration and attention for classroom
• Following instructions and classroom routines

Dates: 8 week program. Tuesday 10th October – 28th November
Times: 3:30- 4:30
Cost: $350 including brief report
Places are strictly limited.
For more information please contact Megan Cuttriss on contact us 

Therapy Groups begin for 2017

teacher and three preschoolers playing with wooden blocks

Welcome back for another great year, we are counting down the days until we see you all again.

Term 1 therapy groups will start on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd February.

Thursdays will be Stepping Stones and Step by Step groups.

Fridays will be Ready for School. 

Confirmation letters for each child’s group and time will be sent by the 23 January 2017.

If you would like further information please contact us 




Have you completed a survey yet?

At Bridges for Learning we are committed to providing the best possible service to our children and families. As such your feedback is invaluable!
You may have already recived an email with this link, via mailchimp and have not yet had the chance to complete it.

If you have used the services of Bridges for Learning in 2016 please click on the link below.

Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!


Bridges for Learning has been selected to be a Transitional Provider for the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

As a transitional ECEI provider Bridges for Learning will be one of the pathways for children aged 0-6 to be supported under the NDIS.

Once your child is eligible for an individual plan Bridges for Learning can meet with you to write your plan and then submit it to the NDIA for approval.
Once the finished plan is approved, Bridges for Learning can then meet with you to help you find the services you require to meet your goals.


As a Transitional Provider, we will also be supporting families who have concerns about their child’s development. This may include:
-providing short term specialist support ( therapy/ special educator support)
-referring children and families to other community based support that will assist them
-completing assessments based on how your participates in daily areas of their life ( a functional assessment)
-assisting children and families to complete access requests for individual plans under the NDIS
– supporting other services in the community to include children with disabilities

For further information on the ECEI approach go to NDIS.https://www.ndis.gov.au/ecei/eceinsw.htm or contact Bridges for Learning directly.




Tutoring in 2017

Did your child have a tough year at school?
Are you looking for ways to help them develop their math, reading or general abilities in 2017?
Do you want your child to feel more confident with their learning and in themselves?
Book an appointment to speak with the experienced tutors at Bridges for Learning to see how we can work with you.

Contact us on 48614054 or  Contact



Christmas Closure

We will all be enjoying time off with our families from the 22nd December until the 6th January 2017.
Staff will be back from the 9th January, so if you want to keep up the momentum with your child’s progress, organise some appointments in the holidays. Talk to your therapist or call the centre on 48614054.

Coming to Wollondilly in 2017!

From February 2017 Bridges for Learning will be offering alternating individual speech and occupational therapy sessions on Fridays in Bargo. Matthew and Rebecca will be the therapists who will be providing these sessions.

There are a limited number of sessions available in Bargo, so if you are interested in using this new service please contact the team at Bridges for Learning or speak with your therapist to book your sessions.



School holiday program

January programs are as follows:
Summer Literacy:  For children who are about begin Kindy. This program targets phonological awareness (understanding sounds), the introduction of blending sounds to make words, vocabulary building and predicting skills.

Handwriting Helpers: Small groups to assist children with their handwriting, boost their confidence and increase their enjoyment of writing.

  • Correct posture and pencil grasp
  • Build hand and finger strength
  • Teach letter formation,alignment, spacing and size
  • Improve organisation of written work

Social Skills: these small groups will:

  • making and making  friendships
  • working cooperatively with others
  • negotiation and conflict resolution skills

For details about specific programs including dates and costs contact Bridges for Learning or call 48614054. Limited places available


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