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Bridges for Learning offers a range of group based therapy programs under our ECI Program. Children and families are offered a group program that is similar to the child’s chronological age, however we also look at where the child functioning at a developmental level in order to best meet the child and family’s goals.

Groups are run for 1 hour in length. Parents and carers are directly involved in the Building Blocks and Stepping Stones groups.

For the Step-by-Step and Ready for School group programs the children are supported to separate from their parents/carers. While the children attend these groups the parents/carers participate in a parent education and support program.

A child’s progress in the group and suggestions for activities and carry over into the home are provided each week.

Group Programs Available

Building Blocks

For very small children from newborn up to about 2 years old with difficulties in sitting, crawling, playing, talking, eating, learning, focusing or walking.

Play-based therapeutic sessions to encourage and support parents in a comprehensive program designed for each individual child with a developmental delay or disability. A gentle and flexible introduction to early assistance for child development. The program involves active participation of parents, familiarising them with things they can do at home with their child, reassuring them of normal behaviours and giving suggestions to overcome the challenges they meet.

Stepping Stones

For children between the ages of 2–4.

Play-based learning sessions in groups of 6-8 children with a developmental delay or disability and that also meet the additional needs of children who are delayed in their play skills and social interactions, incorporating:

  • cognitive skills,
  • social/emotional skills,
  • verbal & nonverbal communication,
  • and motor proficiency.

The sessions focus on allowing each child to actively explore the environment, objects and people, showing them new ways of exploring and encouraging appropriate responses to new situations. A gentle introduction to pre-school and school skills.


Preschool and School Preparation for 3-6 year olds.

This program consists of groups of up to 8 children in activity-based therapeutic sessions aimed at enhancing preschool and school readiness in children with delayed motor, visual, auditory or social development.

Combines both small group activities and individual tasks to focus on:

  • gross & fine motor development,
  • sensory motor skills,
  • cognitive / pre-academic skills,
  • language competency,
  • self-help skills.

Ready For School

For children preparing to enter school, 5-6 year-olds.

A school readiness program providing specialised and therapeutic support services 6-12 months before entering school. The program aims to enable each child to perform as independently and safely as possible in the school setting, assisting them to participate as valued and active members of their class. The child attends this group at our Centre with 7-9 other children.

We provide a tailored program for parents of this group called Parent Support for Literacy. This program gives parents the tools they need to help their child prepare for school. It also gives them activities to practice at home.

Consultations / Visits in the classroom by a therapist after the child enters school can be arranged at a separate cost, and provide both the child and teacher with additional strategies to enable the child to participate to their fullest potential.


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