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You make a difference

Each week your child spends the most amount of time with you, their family, the quality of these daily interactions can make a huge difference to your child’s progress. We work in partnership with each family to include more of these interactions in the everyday tasks that your family already completes. These may include routines such as getting dressed, mealtimes, bath time or getting ready for bed.  Current research suggests these tips to increase everyday interactions:

  • Respond to your children’s initiatives;
  • Engage with your child by doing what they want to do;
  • Support what your child can currently do;
  • Respond frequently to your child’s attempts at communication so that they feel like successful communicators (rather than asking test questions, asking them to do something they can’t do or teaching them concepts).

It is hard work being a parent, and having concerns about your child adds greatly to any parent’s stress. Whatever you are going through, it is likely that there are other parents who have experienced similar feelings. You are not alone.


  • Trying to plan some time for yourself
  • Think about going to a local support group such as MyTime
  • Your GP  can refer you to a counsellor or psychologist to talk about how you are feeling
  • Carers NSW has a telephone counselling line 1800 242 636.

If you are just at the beginning of understanding your child’s needs or you have just received a diagnosis contact us to see what support we can offer.

Programs for Parents and Carers

Primary Care Stepping Stones Triple P -Stepping Stones Triple P is a short term individual program for parents seeking support to address behavioural challenges they are facing with their children. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

Parents as Case Coordinators (PACC)– the PACC program aims to support parents and carers to confidently and successfully independently advocate for their child and to coordinate the services and supports they want their child to access. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

MyTime is a free support group for parents and carers of young children with a disability or chronic medical condition. Free child care while parents are in the group. This group is supported by Playgroup NSW. For more information on Bridges for Learning’s MyTime group contact us.





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