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One of the joys of the work we do at Bridges for Learning is seeing how our work can transform the lives of our clients.

Following is a a beautiful letter from Jennifer, whose son Sammy is a client of Bridges for Learning and a recipient of NDIS. It’s such a lovely story, we wanted to share it.

The NDIS has been great for Sammy, without the funding provided by the NDIS there is no way he would have the chance to reach his potential and he would fall through the cracks of society. Nearly 5 years ago Sammy went blue at 9 days old. The wonderful staff at Bowral hospital did a fantastic job saving his life. It turns out he had an undiagnosed heart condition which required surgery the next day. During his ordeal he required quite a bit of resuscitation. He pulled through but in follow up developmental clinics at Westmead Children’s hospital they diagnosed him with global developmental delay. His speech, motor skill are especially affected and he has sensory issues.

In 2015 Sammy was accepted into one of the groups at Bridges for Learning, and he has been doing them for 3 years now. He has come a long way just by being in the groups but he needed some one on one therapy, but that can be costly so we were only able to manage a few sessions that were subsidised.

When we were told of the NDIS we were not sure what that would mean for Sammy. But for us the process went quite well and he was approved quite quickly and then we were contacted by the NDIA. We then did our plan and it got approved. We worked out a services plan, which for Sammy really focused on helping him get ready for school next year.

One term in and the improvement has been fantastic as he gets the individual therapy he needs. To see the confidence he now has thanks to the hard work and dedication from the staff at Bridges. Realistically without the NDIS Sammy would not have stood a chance to go to school next year, but now this is a reality.


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