What’s happening with my child’s NDIS plan?




When will my child’s plan be written?

We understand how the changes associated with the NDIS can be a confusing time, so our aim is to keep you as up to date as possible.

As you can imagine the large number of people transitioning to the NDIS means that it may take some time for the NDIA to contact families and begin planning.

Before a plan can begin the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Your child needs to meet the eligibility criteria for the NDIS.
  2. The NDIA has to contact you to confirm your child’s details. This usually happens via phone, however the number will be listed a private. If they cannot contact you via phone they will send you a letter.
  3. The NDIA will place your child’s name on a list  of children who are approved as a participant of the  NDIS.

 We are participants – now what?

Under the bilateral agreement between the federal and state government, children who had previously been receiving state funded therapy services are to be given priority to access the NDIS. These children’s names will be amongst the first to be sent to services such as Bridges for Learning.

Each six to eight weeks a list of participants is forwarded to Bridges for Learning, informing us of the children we can now contact to begin the planning process.

Until Bridges for Learning is sent your child’s name from NDIA we cannot begin your child’s plan.  

Please be assured that as soon as your child’s details have been forwarded to us, we will contact you to organise your planning meeting.

What happens in a planning meeting?

The NDIS requires certain processes and information to be completed as part of your child’s plan. This includes:

  • some of this will be in the form of questionnaires
  • there will be general discussion about your individual family circumstances
  • your goals for your child over the next 12 months will be developed

This process usually takes between one and a half to two hours to complete.

After the meeting the information is formalised into the NDIS proforma and sent to the NDIS planners for approval.

The NDIS planners determine the amount of funding to be allocated to each child’s plan.

Once the plan is approved and funds allocated the NDIS will contact you directly to inform them you of the outcome and the next steps.  This process varies in the length of time it takes after the initial planning meeting with Bridges for Learning.

Looking ahead

I understand that the coming months will be challenging for families as we transition to the NDIS. Some children have already received or will soon receive their NDIS funding packages, while other families have not yet begun the process.

Please speak to one of the staff members or myself if you have any questions regarding  your child and the NDIS. Bridges for Learning is committed to supporting all of our families through this process.

Kind regards,

Kathleen Hornery
Bridges for Learning

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