Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy treatment that uses warm water to assist and resist body movements, relax and strengthen muscles and help reduce pain. Aquatic activities can help the development and acquisition of your child’s motor skills on land.

At Bridges for Learning we can use hydrotherapy in conjunction with other forms of therapy to assist in achieving our treatment goals.

For some children, hydrotherapy uses the resistance of the water to improve postural stability and strengthen muscles to assist with standing and walking.

For others, the warmth of the water is the only place where they are able to move independently, giving them a freedom they are unable to have on land.

Hydrotherapy can also be used to incorporate sensory ideas, motor planning, proprioceptive and vestibular feedback.

Our physiotherapist can discuss your child’s goals with you, to also design a program for your child that can be replicated by you at the local pool.

At Bridges for Learning we are able to offer hydrotherapy sessions at one of our local pools.

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