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Coming to Wollondilly in 2017!

From February 2017 Bridges for Learning will be offering alternating individual speech and occupational therapy sessions on Fridays in Bargo. Matthew and Rebecca will be the therapists who will be providing these sessions.

There are a limited number of sessions available in Bargo, so if you are interested in using this new service please contact the team at Bridges for Learning or speak with your therapist to book your sessions.

Christmas Closure

We will all be enjoying time off with our families from the 22nd December until the 6th January 2017.
Staff will be back from the 9th January, so if you want to keep up the momentum with your child’s progress, organise some appointments in the holidays. Talk to your therapist or call the centre on 48614054.

Top Tips for Surviving Christmas

1. Think about your child’s needs and possible triggers ahead of time and plan how you will manage this.
· Crowds of people/ unfamiliar people
· Bright lights/ singing
· Santa
· New toys and experiences
· Surprises

2. Stick to your routines as much as possible- such as offering familiar food or keeping the same bedtime

3. Make a schedule –visual or written and go over this with your child. Maybe have a countdown to specific events.

4. Take your child’s comfort items- toys, blanket, ipad and offer it to them when you see them be-coming anxious or unsettles.

5. Practice what to say when receiving presents e.g. “thank you” instead of “I already have this” or “I don’t like this”

6. Don’t set your expectations too high –understand there will be meltdowns (think how you will manage this), don’t expect them to behave for the whole of the party, if your child needs to be alone for a while at the party, let them.

7. Most of All BREATHE and be FLEXIBLE

School holiday program

January programs are as follows:
Summer Literacy:  For children who are about begin Kindy. This program targets phonological awareness (understanding sounds), the introduction of blending sounds to make words, vocabulary building and predicting skills.

Handwriting Helpers: Small groups to assist children with their handwriting, boost their confidence and increase their enjoyment of writing.

  • Correct posture and pencil grasp
  • Build hand and finger strength
  • Teach letter formation,alignment, spacing and size
  • Improve organisation of written work

Social Skills: these small groups will:

  • making and making  friendships
  • working cooperatively with others
  • negotiation and conflict resolution skills

For details about specific programs including dates and costs contact Bridges for Learning or call 48614054. Limited places available.

2017 update

As we continue to transition to the NDIS our current government funding is being substantially reduced.  Due to the delays in transition we are uncertain as to how long we will continue receiving our current funding. This makes it extremely hard for us to provide accurate information about the costs of services for 2017.

We understand that families are planning for next year and are anxious about how things will change. Bridges for Learning has decided that we will continue to provide our group programs in Term 1 at the 2016 prices, $160 for the 10 week term.

Once you child has an approved NDIS plan this is how they will pay for any future therapy as all other government funding will cease.

Staff news – Goodbye Thelma

Thelma has been an important part of the administration team. She was responsible for a major amount of work in maintaining our quality system for external quality audit in 2015 and for our upcoming audit in 2017. We wish Thelma well as she leave the team to support her family and friends.

Speech Therapist- we are continuing to recruit  for a second speech therapist to work as part of our team. We hope to have someone to commence early in 2017.

Tell us what you think…

We love to hear your opinion about Bridges for Learningin particular whether the therapy and support your child and family have received from us has made an impact.

We have started receiving some beautiful comments and reviews through our Facebook page and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to those of you who have taken the time to comment. We welcome your reviews, (as a not for profit we need all the marketing assistance we can get!), so if you can, we’d love it if you could share your thoughts on our page.

Kind regards,

Kathleen Hornery
Bridges for Learning

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